Posted on March 10, 2012


Time to get out skiing with my daughter and I don’t have a quick post idea. I thought it time to re-post my first and one of my favorites. A love letter to fishermen, fish, and Bristol Bay.


When you think about Bristol Bay, the fishing island of Kodiak is closer than you might realize. Its safe to say that Kodiak is the fishing hub of Alaska and many of its residents are connected to the fishery in Bristol Bay in direct and indirect ways. A number of Bristol Bay drift and set-net permit holders make Kodiak their home when they are not fishing Bristol Bay and the lull between seining seasons in Kodiak gives sein boats the perfect opportunity to keep their assets earning as fish tenders during the Bristol Bay sockeye season. If you were to speak about the proposed Pebble Mine to any resident of Kodiak, involved in fishing or not, you would also find that they are aware of the issue and supportive of protecting Bristol Bay from large-scale industrial development. When it comes to fisheries in Alaska, Kodiak residents recognize that what hurts…

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