Cooking for Kena Peay!

Posted on October 19, 2022


This past summer super food influencer Kena Peay paid a visit to Alaska to taste Alaska Seafood and I had the pleasure of cooking salmon for her over a fire and we talked about sustainability. I am posting rather belatedly about my time with her but that is in part due to my instagram account being hacked right when @kenapeay posted a reel about our time together and then I went into my Bristol Bay fishing season. Since then I have been getting my feet under me with my winter work, but better late than never right? I hope you enjoy these Instagram reels and TikTok’s by the amazing Kena Peay.


Reply to @thegingerchronicles_ #part2 Melanie Brown is an Indigenous Alaskan and Fourth-Generation Alaska Fisherman. She’s incredible! Y’all let me know if you want to see the longer version.

♬ original sound – Kena

Thanks for taking a look and take good care.


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