Eggs and Bubbles

Posted on March 11, 2012


Happy time change everybody. My daughter just did a sleepover with her Girl Scout troop and every other troop in Juneau and she had to be picked up bright and early this morning despite the time change that springs us forward. I’m home, Mari is asleep and my son is awake. All of this early running around spurred my hunger so I made an old favorite, a spinach and brie omelette.

Spinach and Brie Omelette Prior to Devouring

One of my proudest moments was at a Birthday celebration and my friend Josie presented me with an incredibly thoughtful gift. It was an award that she had written up and had our friends and everybody at the party endorse with their signatures. The award is tucked away someplace safe, but it goes something like this: “This award is presented to Melanie Brown on this day of April 23rd, 2000 for not being afraid to party all night, for being the kickingest wench in the LES, for being the best Mom (at the time I was mother to a lab/great dane named ‘Sippi who was my guardian,) and for making the best spinach and brie omelettes ever” Josie worded it much more eloquently, but you get the idea.

I have learned over the years that these omelettes go really well with Champagne and there is a reason why Champagne brunches exist. Eggs and cheese pair very nicely with brisk bubbles, but I have found that in some cases will actually improve a Champagne, especially if it is on the tart and acidic side of the spectrum. There is one particular Champagne that comes to mind that stands well on its own and does not need the tempering of eggs to help it find its balance, and yet it goes very well with my award-winning specialty. André Jacquart “Experience” Blancs de Blancs Brut Champagne is so vibrant and full tasting I found myself amazed that it is only made from Chardonnay. I sought out this wine because I had learned about the monumental Champagne, Salon, which is produced in Mesnil. The house of André Jacquart is now based out of Vertus, but still has vineyard holdings in Mesnil sur Oger and the “Experience” champagne is made with fruit from those parcels. As Salon Champagne is prohibitively expensive, the Jacquart Champagne provides a more affordable option of a Champagne from this hallowed ground. I have found bottles of it at The Brown Jug Warehouse in Anchorage, but nothing close to it in Juneau. When I really feel the need to break past the limited selection of wine in Juneau, I have found that K&L Wine Merchants is a good source and a reliable shipper to our colder climes. Here is what one of their staff had to say about André Jacquart’s “Experience” de Mesnil, “Refined, with floral, spice and a touch of coconut highlighting citrus and vanilla flavors. The supple texture is backed by vibrant acidity as this cruises to a long finish. On the dry side and vinous.”

I will always cherish my award even though I feel very far from the person that I once was. Spinach and Brie Omelettes will always connect me to that space and time continuum.

To learn more about the Mesnil Champagne appellation and the renowned Champagne Salon, visit Seth Long’s  Seler d’or where wine reviewer Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka guest authored a post. For more Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews visit