Splendid Table – 3 Junes

Posted on August 24, 2021


Francis Lam is the host of the NPR syndicated food show called Splendid Table and it is a program that I have admired for some time now. On Sunday afternoons I enjoy listening to it on my radio in the kitchen as I cook dinner for my loves. I had the pleasure of meeting Francis years ago when he was visiting Bristol Bay and came out to check our set net gear with us. When his producer reached out to me to see about being a guest on Splendid Table I was so excited and held my breath in disbelief until the show was aired. If you would like to listen in on the show about 3 Junes around our country, you will find the media player below.

About 20 minutes in you will hear my friend Joel Jackson, President of Organized Village of Kake, talking about harvesting seaweed and knowing the time was right for picking because of how the timing coincides with dandelion going to seed. My conversation with Francis begins right after that. I hope you enjoy hearing about Bristol Bay and that it creates a vivid picture of its beauty in your mind.