Save What you Love – a podcast

Posted on March 29, 2021


Eva’s is Save spelled backwards and vice-versa. Eva’s Wild is a platform for placing your thinking around saving what you love and Mark Titus is the creator of this beautiful frame. He has integrated his love of fish and the wild places they are from with his art of filmmaking and synthesized this with activism around Bristol Bay and the issue of the proposed Pebble Mine as well as guiding people toward responsible and healthy food choices.

Here you will find the podcast that Mark started to share out conversations that he has with people who have been featured in his film, The Wild, and others who are working to save what they love.

I had the honor of being in conversation with Mark for his podcast and you can hear what we talked about by tuning in to Save What You Love Episode #8. You can also subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Photo by Joanne Teasdale of Women and Water Project

I hope you enjoy listening in and learning more about Bristol Bay.


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