Bristol Bay Salmon

Posted on March 9, 2012


Four Fish by Paul Greenberg

Eaglecrest is calling, but I would like to share some interesting food news with you before I head out. This week Bon Appétit’s online magazine shared a piece by Four Fish author Paul Greenberg about which fish to eat if you are looking for responsible and sustainable seafood choices. The list also appears in the current issue of Bon Appétit’s print version and Bristol Bay sockeye salmon is amongst the list of choices. By choosing Bristol Bay sockeye salmon you are not only supporting a well-managed fishery, you are voting with your fork to choose a healthy and abundant food resource over the finite industry of large-scale mining development.

Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon in Gillnet copywright 2012 Wild For Salmon

Marcus Samuelsson, owner of famed restaurants Red Rooster and C-House, cookbook author, and food activist, has also weighed in on the issue. Yesterday on his website a piece about Bristol Bay and the proposed Pebble Mine was posted. “To Fish or To Mine?: Saving Bristol Bay and Alaska’s Fishing Industry,”  written by Michael Engle, is a piece that frames the issue from a food perspective quite nicely. It also provides many useful links for those of you who feel that you need more background on the issue.

Thank you Paul Greenberg and Marcus Samuelsson for lending your voices to this important battle.


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