Salmon (must) Read: The Salmon Way

Posted on May 31, 2019


Amy Gulick, author of Salmon in the Trees, an amazing book that conveys so much of what salmon contribute to the landscapes that they return to upon migrating home, has produced another salmon book. THE SALMON WAY, an Alaska state of mind, intricately weaves the lives of Alaskans and their connections to salmon through photographs and storytelling. It is wonderful to see the unique views that each life featured conveys while also experiencing the universal ways that Alaskans interact with salmon.


The striking photograph that Amy chose for the cover also drives home the relationship that non-human Alaskans have with salmon. A brown bear biting into a spawned out tiger-striped keta squeezes out the vivid eggs that still remained inside the salmon. What a moment to capture, even for a photographer as skilled as Amy Gulick!

The Salmon Way Book Cover

The Salmon Way Book Cover By Amy Gulick

A number of articles have featured The Salmon Way since its release and some have excerpts that will give you a taste of what the book has to offer. If you are not able to catch a book signing in your town, you can order directly from the publisher, Braided River.

For anybody whose lives have been touched by salmon, this book is one that should be added to your library or featured prominently in your home where guests can enjoy its magic and wonder.  Thank you for your beautiful salmon work Amy Gulick.


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