First Glide of the Season

Posted on October 30, 2012


After over a week of dry and sunny weather in Juneau, which I made the most of, we awoke to snow this morning. Snow at sea-level covering our cars and blowing sideways through the cast of the streetlights. I knew it was time to try for some skiing so I loaded up our dog and my free by the side of the road rock skis and headed up to Eaglecrest.

Fresh Tracks on the Cat Track

It was blowing hard when I got up to the parking lot and the wind had kept the open trail areas from getting as well covered as I hoped so we made a bee-line for the cat track leading up the mountain. It was touch and go as the gravel on the road poked through more in some areas than others. Going off into the tundra proved to give me more glide, but there were some rock surprises along the way and shrubbery that provided entanglements.

Ski Partner

Not the best of ski conditions, but to a woman who feels simply in between things when she is not fishing in Bristol Bay or not on skis it felt pretty good. There were some great little stretches where full extension was achieved and some nice downhill traverses that were uninterrupted by jagged rocks.

Outside Eaglecrest Ticket Office picture by Jake

Here’s hoping for many more days on skis this season.


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