Fishing Partner’s Birthday

Posted on August 4, 2012


Birthday girl proudly displaying her pick of Naknek River red

Today marks the 11th year since you were born into this world, but you have been an important part of my life since before that day. I can remember relaxing with the family in between fishing tides the summer you were born. We were on the couch and you were stretching and waving to everybody through my belly and swimming like a fish. You were already part of the crew.

Big sister setting the scene for little brother on their way to pick the nets

It’s good to be in the skiff with you or on the beach picking fish and doing what it takes to get them to market. It makes me proud to see how you jump right in to do your part. Your brother really looks to you and you are setting a good example. Thank you for making me a Mom and adding so much to our lives.


Mama Mel