Crossing that Line

Posted on May 6, 2012


Today’s post has nothing to do with fish, wine or skiing, but it is too good not to share. My daughter has been participating in a non-competitive running program called Girls on the Run. The girls not only run, but also start each session with a classroom portion that is meant to promote positive body image, self-esteem, and goal setting. Each term ends with a 5-kilometer course that the girls are meant to either walk or run. The girls’ placements and times are not recorded because everyone who finishes the course is meant to feel like a winner.

Mari Was Going So Fast I Could Only Capture a Blur as She Ran By

I brought Mari to her end of season 5k event yesterday and she joined her school’s group while there were proceedings to acknowledge all of the people who help to make the program possible. Afterward Mari and the other girls lined up to start covering the route that had been laid out for them. I watched her go out with a smile on her face at a nice even pace. The path was an out and back with no sections that overlapped, so there was no way to see her out on the course. I walked out until it seemed like I needed to head back and as I was returning to the start, turned around and saw Mari headed my way. That morning I got my camera ready and forgot to throw it in my bag. I tried to get my phone camera ready, but the slow reflex did not respond quickly enough to capture Mari as she sped by me with the smile still on her face. It was frustrating not being at the finish to capture an image of her crossing the line first, but it did not diminish the happiness that I felt for Mari.

Mari and Coach Robin

It was interesting to see the humble satisfaction that she exhibited in relation to her accomplishment. When Mari talked to her Auntie later she gave a brief description of her run and that there were a lot of people cheering for her and she kept saying, “Thank you” to them. I know the 5k was not meant to be thought of as a race, but I cannot prevent myself from feeling pride and joy in knowing that Mari had this win.


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