Still Snow Enough for Skiing

Posted on May 4, 2012


I am realizing more and more what a unique situation we have here in Juneau. Most of this winter we found ourselves in very manageable snow conditions at sea level, but if you climbed or drove a bit higher in elevation more than enough snow for skiing was available. That is still the case despite the fact that winter has passed. Today, May 4th, I crossed the bridge between Juneau and the island of Douglas and headed south to the town of Douglas to hit the Mount Jumbo trailhead with my friend Sarah. We walked less than a half-mile before we came to enough snow to put our skis on. It wasn’t much longer before we were able to look back and see the opening to the Gastineau Channel. A trail through the woods and some meandering across another mountain meadow gave us a gorgeous view toward Juneau. It was good to see what a picturesque place we live in from a new perspective.

Looking Toward Juneau Across Gastineau Channel from Mount Jumbo on Douglas Island

The Juneau Nordic Ski Club Trail Condition Forum has some encouraging words for ski lovers. In the last week of April, Jack, one of the volunteer groomers, shared this about Eaglecrest: “Lower loop will be groomed for classic and skate by noon today. Classic will be better than skating, the track will be soft for skating. Classic waxless skis are the ticket. This time of year it is not about skiing fast, it is about enjoying being out skiing in late April, taking in the views, listening to the hooters call, and breathing the fresh mountain air.” Amen. Sedgesprite more recently shared this about the Upper Loop at Eaglecrest, “Groomed skating may have reached its end, but more classic track than ever. Surveyed the upper track, which may keep us going into June!” For a person who would much rather glide on skis than walk or run, this is music to my ears.

Thank you Sarah for sharing your back yard with me.


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