Community Supported Fishery

Posted on March 21, 2012


Alaskans Own Longliner Near Blowing Whale photo courtesy of Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

Last night I received an e-mail update from the Slow Food Southeast Alaska Chapter mentioning that sign-up for the Community Supported Fishery (CSF) is coming up soon. Alaskans Own Seafood began this program in Sitka and due to its success, the program was able to expand to Juneau residents last spring. It operates on the same principles as a Community Supported Agriculture subscription, but residents are able to taste the bounty of their waters and, because the fish are wild, the fish grow themselves. They do need to be harvested and this harvest is done responsibly with a commitment to sustainable fishing practices. Subscribers are able to opt in to 20 or 40 pound amounts that will span the course of 4 months and pick-ups starting in May and each pick-up includes varying species. Monthly newsletters, called Docklines, are distributed with each fish delivery and are tailored to the species being picked up. Recipes and stories of the fishermen who harvest for Alaskans Own CSF program are included in the newsletters. If you would like to look at some back issues of the newsletters, they are available on the Alaskans Own CSF Program page in PDF format.

The CSF program is a great way to eat local and fresh and support a fishing fleet that has the best of practices.


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