Honoring the Fish

Posted on March 4, 2012


Yesterday I cut some salmon fillets that I felt pretty good about. How a person fillets doesn’t necessarily affect how the fish will taste, but I feel that making nice cuts does justice to the life that the fish gave. Here is my work pictured below:

Bristol Bay Naknek River King Salmon Fillets With Head and Belly Ready to Bake

I have shared this preparation in a previous post, but to save digging and referencing I will share the directions right here because they are so quick and easy:

Start with a fillet that is clean and patted dry with paper towel

Preheat oven to 425° (450° if the fillet is thick-also cut down to the skin in 1” increments, from back to belly, to let the heat into the flesh and portion the pieces out if the fish is especially big)

Sprinkle salmon lightly and evenly with salt and onion powder

Place in completely pre-heated oven

Bake 15 minutes for 10-15 pound kings or smaller, 18 minutes for larger kings

The high heat will sear and seal the fish when it goes in the oven and keep the juices and oils in the fillet.

Bristol Bay Naknek River King Salmon Fillet Fresh From the Oven With the Juices and Oils Contained

Thank you Bristol Bay King Salmon of the Naknek River for sharing your life and goodness with us.

www.WhyWild.org is a good resource for finding more information about wild salmon and how to prepare it.


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