The Whole Thing

Posted on March 3, 2012


We are having a gathering at our house tonight. You are invited. We will be sharing the last of our Bristol Bay salmon from the 2011 season. A Naknek River King Salmon that was frozen whole after it was bled. It is waiting to be filleted and I will be baking both sides along with the head. Some of the best morsels are found in the head, under the collar and in the cheek, the cartilage. The backbone we will put back in the freezer for soup.

Graveyard Point Setnetter Ben Thomas Hugging Kvichak River King Salmon photographed by Corey Arnold

It is a little sad to know that this is the end of last season’s fruits, but also good to know that we will be sharing the wonder of Bristol Bay with friends. Tasting is believing.

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