Old Walks

Posted on June 20, 2012



Kids and Cousin on Naknek beach between Old Red Salmon Cannery and City Dock

Some paths are always good to return to and now that my kids are getting older I am able to share more pathway with them. Tonight we walked long and far in the light wind and sun along the Naknek River beach. First hitting the beach above the city dock at the old Red Salmon Cannery ways where tenders are still put in and pulled out at the beginning and end of the season. Some old tender ruins are sitting to the side of the track never to be put in the water again. Continuing upstream we then reached the old Red Salmon Cannery.  The camp, established in 1901, still pulses with activity every summer and seems like a town unto itself. Walking across the dock and over to the other side brought us to some cut off pilings where the kids became beach statues. When it was time to turn around we retraced our steps until we passed city dock and hit the beach again. By then the littlest was getting tired, but the promise of coffee time at the AGS camp urged him on and we made it just in time for “the colorful waters,” that most of us would recognize as fountain juice, and hot cocoa. The walk home from there is one that all of us know well. It was one of the first that I took with my parents when I was small and hadn’t yet expanded my realm.

Kids posing on old cut off dock pilings


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