Dirty Snow

Posted on May 17, 2012



Eaglecrest Lower Loop Meadow behind me on May 17th

It’s better than no snow at all. I just had to satisfy my curiosity and head up to the Lower Meadow at Eaglecrest. My effort proved to be worthwhile as the snow still covered the whole loop. Wherever the tracks were laid earlier this season there are strips of snow that are raised a couple of feet above the exposed ground where the snow was not packed by track setting. In some places it was a challenge to keep my skis going straight, but there were more places than not where I was able to get my glide on pretty good. There is something about my old thrift store rock skis that causes me to lower my snow condition expectations enough that I always manage to have fun on them.

My Old Thrift Store Springtime Rock Skis and my sister’s old boots (Salomon has not used this binding system for well over a decade)

Glad to have made it out. Hope to make it out some more before heading out to Bristol Bay for fishing season.


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