Ski Garage

Posted on March 18, 2012


The Quiver

My quiver has to be stashed somewhere and I find that when I just throw what I think I will need in the back of my car, the conditions at the ski area call for another tool. There are eight pairs of skis back there, if you include my kids’ two pair, and I have used each of them on a fairly regular rotation. Skating, Classical, Touring, Carving, Powder, Rock/Beater. The skis are not the latest and greatest, but I have taken good care of them and the bases are in great shape. My boot and binding systems are more up to date and connect me to my skis in a solid and effective way. If Ullr and the God of Ski Gifts were to snow down on me, I would ask that they grant me a climbing set up so that I can have access to more vertical when the lifts are not running or when I really want to check out some new slopes. In the meantime, the boards I have keep me plenty busy and, judging by the amount of snow we have in the mountains, it looks like they will be on the ready in the back of my car for another few weeks.


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