Little Man Learns to Ski

Posted on February 19, 2012


Little Man's 1st Time on Nordic Skis Age 2

Sunday is the day that I focus on furthering my kids’ skills on skis. My daughter skis with the local 4H nordic ski club and I ski with my son during that time. The little man was first out on skis a couple of years ago. We put his skis in the tracks and he chugged right along. Now that he is bigger he sometimes finds his skis gliding beyond a shuffle and he is learning where to put his weight on the downhills. The temperature in Juneau is usually perfect for keeping cold associations from tainting the experience. Right now the little man seems more interested in making handprints in the snow, but I trust that he will find his ski-joy in his own time.

Little Man's Handprint on Fresh Snow Between the Tracks


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