Sweetness for a Spring Day in February?

Posted on February 10, 2012


Junior League of Palo Alto Cookbook, Collection 2

I headed up to Eaglecrest nordic trails again today and had a nice long skate ski in the warm sun. It was just like spring skiing with the snow starting to bog down where the sun is hitting it hard and really fast and icy on the snow in the shade. I think I am getting a good start on some raccoon eyes from all of the sunshine, but, wait a minute, it’s only February. Normally February is the cruelest month in Alaska with cold that makes it seem like the longest month despite its mere 28 days. I wonder what twists the weather will bring before winter is done, but for now, I will take what we’ve got.

By the time we get to spring skiing season, I am usually starting to get excited for fishing. The conditions are beginning to conjure those thoughts. That combined with the fact that a number of fishing friends will be visiting Juneau for the Alaska Young Fishermen’s’ Summit next week is getting my fishing juices flowing.

Lemon Dainty Recipe

Because it is so warm and sunny today I thought it time to share another dessert recipe with you. I found it years ago in a recipe set that my Mom gave to my sisters and me. The recipes are from a Junior League cookbook that I think my Mom first found at a garage sale and liked so much that she sought them out for us. I am glad she did because this recipe is one that I return to time and again. If you are a cookbook collector, I would suggest that you seek this one out on eBay or half.com. All of the details that you need should be pictured above.

The recipe is kind of a combination of lemon custard and soufflé and the nice thing about it is that you use an equal amount of egg yolks and whites even though they are separated to make the recipe. It is also easy to prepare with ingredients that are readily available, even in bush Alaska. When you make the water bath to put your dish in, I would suggest putting the bath in the oven while you are pre-heating it. To avoid having to transcribe the recipe, I took a high-resolution photo that should include all of the instructions you will need. If you want to try the recipe and have difficulty reading the picture, write me a comment and I will happily write out the recipe. Also of note, the dessert is good served warm or cold.

Montinore Estate Riesling Sweet Reserve 2009

I love lemon desserts as much as I love a good chocolate dessert. This sweet in particular has a lightness that is a wonderful way to end a meal. I like to top it with Alaska tundra blueberries, the tiny and tart kind. For a wine I have chosen a Sweet Riesling because it is lighter than most dessert wines that, I think, would be too thick for this dessert. Montinore Estate Willamette Valley Riesling Sweet Reserve is a late harvest wine and this is how Kristin, the winery’s resident blogger(I really couldn’t find anything more about her), describes the wine,“It leaves your palate clean and almost completely sugar free! In fact, one of the things I really enjoy about this wine is the intriguing hint of citrus at the end. This nicely balances the sweetness up front, while lifting and brightening the wine as a whole.” Montinore Estate fruit is grown according to the principles of Demeter Certified Biodynamic practices. Also, the wine is less than $15, even in Alaska, and easy to find, I saw it at Fred Meyer.

Even if it is not so sunny and warm where you are, this lemon treat will brighten your day with its sunniness.