When I Dream of Skiing…

Posted on January 14, 2012


Tour of Anchorage Coursemap (To give a sense of how interconnected and extensive the ski trail system is in Anchorage)

Today I didn’t have to dream, instead I actually found myself on my classical skis with bombproof kick in nice dry and cold snow. Eaglecrest nailed their tracksetting and the skies were blue. This is not always the case in Juneau due to the maritime rainforest climate that can bring loads of snow if its cold enough, but oftentimes it will bring rain that destroys the snow. It is days like this that make me dream of the places I could be skiing and that I hope to visit someday if I haven’t already been there. Places like the trail network in Anchorage that I grew up on, the Methow Valley in the North Cascades of Washington where you can get a reasonably priced room or cabin and access 200 km of trail from right outside your door, and the hut and trail system in Europe that allows access between the French Alps and the Italian Dolomite. When rain prevents me from getting on my own skis, my dreaming will become more focused on researching how one might realize one of these skications. If there is wine to be had from the region of interest, a few suggestions of where to find some will be incorporated as well.

Tonight we will be enjoying a 2007 Tuscan Rosso called Montesecondo by winemaker Silvio Messana with pasta made with ground moose that my Dad got in Bristol Bay on the Alagnak River. Not such a bad reality.



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